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Lifelong Learning Community News - November 2006...

Well, it's November and that means it's time to VOTE!

We will be electing 3 City Council members, 4 School Board members, and 4 College Board members. There are also a number of measures on the November 7th ballot that will directly impact lifelong learning here and in California. The California State PTA has taken positions on three of the statewide measures. (For more information on State PTA's positions, please go to )

Information on the measures follows, in order of ballot appearance:

State Measure 1D
Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2006.

State PTA SUPPORTS Prop 1D: "The infrastructure needs of California's schools are clear and compelling." "The California State PTA believes all students -- in K-12 classrooms, colleges, and universities -- deserve safe, healthy, modern school facilities with up-to-date equipment to prepare for their future and the future of California. Few things are more important for our children and our economy than to invest in education." The League of Women Voters also SUPPORTS Prop 1D.
State Measure 86
Tax on Cigarettes. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
The California State PTA SUPPORTS Proposition 86. PTA believes that "Prop 86 is our best opportunity in a decade to provide health insurance for California's kids and keep tobacco companies from addicting the next generation of kids." "Specifically, Prop 86 will prevent more than 700,000 kids now under the age of 17 from becoming smokers, save 300,000 lives from smoking-related deaths and will save nearly $16.4 billion in healthcare costs." The League of Women Voters also SUPPORTS Prop 86.
State Measure 88
Education Funding. Real Property Parcel Tax. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
After careful analysis both the State PTA and the League of Women Voters OPPOSE this measure. State PTA says that "Despite the intentions of the sponsors of Proposition 88 to increase funding for schools, it is so poorly drafted that it could end up costing many schools more than it would provide." "Based on PTA analysis, Proposition 88's flaws outweigh any intended benefits."
Local Measure BB
Santa Monica-Malibu Schools Safety and Repair Measure
This measure will provide funding to repair and in some instances replace aging and deteriorated local school facilities. If Prop 1D also passes, BB will put us first in line with matching funds. Measure BB enjoys widespread local SUPPORT, including the Santa Monica Malibu Council of PTAs, the Santa Monica League of Women Voters, the Santa Monica Democratic Club, Santa Monicans for Renters Rights, and the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce. For more information on Measure BB, please go to and click on "Measure BB – School Safety and Repair." or

The City Clerk has information posted on candidates and ballot measures at

For the CityTV election coverage schedule, check

Tuesday, November 7th is Election Day!
Polls open at 7am and close at 8pm.
To find your polling place, check your sample ballot, go to or call 1-800-815-2666.
I'd also like to call your attention to the final workshop for the community cultural plan: "Creative Capital."

Wednesday, Nov. 8th, 4-8pm, (formal presentation begins at 6pm)
Community Workshop - "Creative Capital: Culture, Community, Vision"
Santa Monica Main Public Library, Multipurpose Room (2nd floor)
601 Santa Monica Boulevard
Free. Refreshments and live entertainment on the half hour!

The Cultural Affairs Division is holding this final community workshop as part of the process of creating a Cultural Master Plan. Creative Capital is intended to guide the City's efforts to achieve the community's vision over a ten-year period.

The format for this final workshop is a little different than a standard meeting. From 4pm-6pm, people can drop in for one on one conversation with the consultants, staff, and/or commissioners. The intent is to provide people who dislike large public meetings an opportunity to have their voice heard. At 6pm, David Plettner, head consultant for the planning process, will make a formal presentation of the findings and emerging recommendations and then at 7pm the Arts Commission will convene in special session to discuss what they have heard and take formal comment. All of this punctuated by refreshments and performances on the half hour!

For more information, please go to, attend this final workshop, or contact Jessica Cusick, Cultural Affairs Manager at 310-458-8350 or
As always, there are many wonderful lifelong learning events scheduled this month. Please go to the Lifelong Learning Community Calendar at calendar.html for a listing of events.

That's all for now.

Thanks, Cheers, and Onward,
Louise Jaffe

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